Workforce Development & Performance Specialists

Worktivity Consulting offers a range of corporate and human resources consulting services to its clients to increase business performance though their people.

In our 25 years’ experience across both the public and private sectors, we have found that employees perform better if they:

§  Understand how their role aligns to, and contributes to the goals of the business

§  Have clear performance and capability development plans

§  Are supported, appreciated and recognised for their efforts and ideas

§  Feel that everyone in the organisation lives by a common set of values and behaviours

§  Have inspiring leaders

Worktivity's aim is to align our clients’ business plans and objectives with these needs to deliver increased performance.  Our core skills involve understanding our client’s business, working with them to develop clear plans and processes, and then implementing strategies to attract, develop, motivate and engage the right people to deliver high performance outcomes.



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